May 20, 2015

Wise Giving Wednesday: A Breach of Donor Trust

Yesterday I had the honor of representing the BBB Wise Giving Alliance at a press conference about charity fraud hosted by the Federal Trade Commission and state charity regulators.  The unpreceden..
May 19, 2015

BBB WGA Joins Federal and State Regulators for Major Charity Fraud Announcement

Arlington, VA – BBB Wise Giving Alliance (BBB WGA) joined with the Federal Trade Commission, State Attorneys General, and State Charity Regulators today to help the donating public avoid questionab..
May 13, 2015

Wise Giving Wednesday: Accounting Board Proposes Charity Financial Statement Changes

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) is an independent organization that establishes and improves standards for financial accounting for both for-profit and not-for-profit entities in the Uni..
May 6, 2015

Wise Giving Wednesday: Nepal Disaster Relief, Crowdfunding and Social Media

Last week’s blog included some comments and advice on donating to different stages of Nepal earthquake relief efforts that will require future support just as much as today. In the past decade, fundrais..
April 29, 2015

Wise Giving Wednesday: Helping Nepal Earthquake Victims

Strong earthquakes are frightening, devastating and immediately pull on our heartstrings. Nepal’s earthquake is no exception.  BBB Wise Giving Alliance encourages donors to respond but also be mind..
April 27, 2015

Nepal Earthquake Donation Tips

Arlington, VA – April 27, 2015 – The devastating earthquake in Nepal over the weekend has already touched the hearts of millions of Americans who want to support disaster relief through donations. BBB ..
April 22, 2015

Wise Giving Wednesday: The Value of Standards

We are all indeed “entitled to our opinions” as the popular phrase goes but all speech is not created equal.  For example, saying something is trusted can be meaningless if context is not provided...
April 15, 2015

Wise Giving Wednesday: Building Trust Part 9

For many charities, especially the nationally soliciting charities evaluated by BBB Wise Giving Alliance, the future may belong to the Internet, but direct mail fundraising is still king.  While on..
April 8, 2015

Wise Giving Wednesday: Building Trust Part 8

A story posted on April 7th by The Chronicle of Philanthropy highlights the importance of cybersecurity for charities. For obvious reasons, donors want to make online donations without fear of their cre..
April 1, 2015

Wise Giving Wednesday: Relating Ethical Guidelines to Empower Professional Fundraisers

This week the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) held its annual conference in Baltimore, Maryland. Throngs of people attended mainly to beef up their fundraising prowess. Knowing that peopl..