About Mobile Giving

BBB Mobile Giving Foundation

Mobile giving helps charities to acquire new donors, raise new incremental funds, and engage their supporters on an ongoing basis. It allows donors to make immediate gifts to vetted charities and certified campaigns, while spotlighting mobile as a broadcast and direct response channel.

What is the Mobile Giving Foundation? 

The Mobile Giving Foundation was founded in 2007 to harness the immense power of wireless communications to empower non-profit organizations and donors. The concept was simple: give wireless users a single mobile giving channel over which they could receive and respond to appeals from worthy causes.

What's BBB Mobile Giving Foundation?

The Mobile Giving Foundation joined forces with BBB in 2012. Together our goals are to:

> Grow the mobile giving channel and expand its reach across mobile platforms

> Strengthen mobile giving industry standards and accountability

> Assure donor confidence, and

> Reinforce nonprofit acceptance of the mobile giving medium

To give donors the most trustworthy and secure option for contributing, BBB Mobile Giving Foundation requires charities to meet the BBB Wise Giving Alliance Standards for Charity Accountability. These standards are the most comprehensive of any charity review program, and help donors make informed giving decisions with confidence.

All participating wireless operators generously support mobile giving by granting no cost access to their messaging and billing platforms, and they pass along donated funds at no charge. Participating carriers cover approximately 98% of the country.

For more information, go to www.mobilegiving.org.