Charity Seal License Fee Schedule

Listed below is the fee schedule for the National Charity Seal offered by the BBB Wise Giving Alliance. If a national charity (e.g., an organization that solicits nationally) has been found by BBB WGA to meet the revised Standards for Charity Accountability and has completed two full fiscal years of operations, it has the option to apply for this seal. Seal applicants pay a fee in the amount noted below and sign a license agreement in order to participate in the seal program. The seal fee is based on the level of total contributions received by the national charity in the past fiscal year. Government grants and in-kind gifts are not included in this calculation.

< $1 Million $1,000
$1M - $4.9M $2,000
$5M - $9.9M $3,500
$10M - $19.9M $4,750
$20M - $39.9M $6,000
$40M - $49.9M $6,750
$50M - $74.9M $11,000
$75M - $99.9M $12,500
$100M - $124.9M $16,000
$125M - $149.9M $17,500
$150M - $174.9M $20,000
$175M - $199.9M $22,500
$200 M - 299.9M $25,000
$300M - 499M $27,500
$500M +    $30,000